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Light barbeque. Tips to light your barbeque and be safe

Some people really struggle when it comes to lighting a barbeque. Well here are a few tips that could make the whole experience a better one.

  • A  really great tool for helping a barbeque to light is bellows. Bellows will supply the oxygen that the barbeque coals are seeking. The problem is you just cannot get hold of them anymore. Well instead of using bellows just use a hairdryer. Simple yet effective.

  • Have you run out of  lighter fluid? You can use empty cereal boxes, jiffy corn boxes? (stuff like that). Tear them in smaller pieces, put them in the bottom of the grill, place the charcoal or wood chips on top having some of the box pieces peeking through the charcoal and light it up. No fluid tasting food and no waiting for the fluid to soak into the coals.

Please read on for safety advice when using your barbecue.

Where should your barbeque be?

  • Your barbeque should be on a  level base of non-flammable materials such as a patio.
  • Keep away from buildings, trees and shrubs.
  • Select a sheltered area, free from wind.
  • Do not cook inside tents, gazebos etc.
  • Keep children and dogs well away.
  • Keep your house doors and windows closed to prevent smoke and burning ashes from being blown into the house.

Safety when lighting and using your barbeque.

  • Always keep a bucket of water, sand or garden hose nearby in case of accidents.
  • Always follow the instructions on any barbeque lighting product.
  • Never use petrol, paraffin or other flammable liquids to light or revive your barbeque.
  • Check the joints for leaks on gas barbeques by dabbing with soapy water before use, especially after having been stored over winter.
  • Once lit, never leave a Barbeque unattended.
  • Never move a lit barbeque, you risk it tipping over and causing severe burns to hands and feet.
  • Don't drink alcohol. You need your wits about you at all times.

Visitors comments

Cutting boards used for barbeque cooking Comments By: Mama Rose on 2004-10-15
I've found that Corian cutting boards work really well, since they are totally non-porous and hygienic. And you can put your meat on them in the refrigerator to keep cool when outdoors, since Corian stays cool like marble. Then serve right on them since they are really beautiful and clean up so easily.

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