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Barbeque cleaning. Clean your barbeque even at the beach

Do you often like using that barbeque at the beach? Now you can clean up that greasy mess before you leave. Simply rub the grate from the barbeque into the sand and the sand will soak up the grease. Hose off the sand and you are all cleaned up!

If you are in a hurry you can pour your left over hot coffee over the grill and then dry off with a clean dry cloth. This will melt off the grease leaving you without a mess!

Make that barbeque look better by brushing with oil between uses. This keeps rust from forming.

Have you ever had the bottom of your barbeque rust out? The next time you are giving your barbeque a good cleaning, pour some sand in the bottom of the barbeque before adding the charcoal bricks, this will make your barbeque last years longer.

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