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Stop ants from ruining your picnic

If you are tired of ants crawling on your picnic table then place the legs of the table into 4 sturdy pans or bowls of water, the ants will not be able to cross the water to climb up the table legs!.

Other tips are:

  • Wash the top of your table off with vinegar, ants hate vinegar. You can also put some pet food in bowls that surround the table legs, ant won't cross over this either.

  • Sprinkle salt around the area where you will be eating. Ants won't cross over the salt trails that you put in the grass.

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Mouthwash for ants Comments By: anon on 2011-07-10
Put some mouthwash on a Kleenex or cotton ball and rub it over the counter or along baseboards. It only lasts a couple of days, but it's a temporary stop to their trail.

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