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Creative Gift Ideas Under $20

Gifting is an art that not many of us every real get the hang of.  How do you find that perfect gift for that someone special? Are you going to be able to give the gift you want when you are on a strict budget? What does your relative, friend or associate really want as a gift?  Lets get started talking about creative gifts that you can give that dont cost an arm or leg either.

Nearly every town, or at least in a neighboring town you are going to find a thrift store, a dollar store or a consignment store. Using your ability to find a solid buy without spending the high price you are going to be able to find great gifts here.

For the new homeowner a set of glasses, mugs, towels, or even a door mat. These are great gifts that are going to be both used and appreciated. Without spending loads of money you can use a gift bag and fill it with: light bulbs, cleaners, note pads, pens, and rags, sponges, tissues, coasters, maybe a telephone, a night light, or even a few wash clothes for the kitchen.  You dont have to spend lots of money to create that perfect package that is sure to be used.

For the new parents buying diapers, small toys, a basket of cleaners, or items that are going to baby proof the home are going to be appreciated with out spending lots of money.  A small lunch box that doubles as a carry case for bottles is a cheap yet great idea for the new baby.

For the perfect report card you can create a perfect gift that is going to keep your child excited about how proud you are.  Using a gift bag, fill it with a few of their favorite candies, a disposable camera, a few batteries for their favorite toy, a flashlight for playing at night, and maybe even some fancy gel pens or color pencils that you would have otherwise said no to buying.

For the coworkers special occasion buying a present for your coworkers birthday is often a difficult task because you may really not know them too well, but you can get creative and be successful.  Using your trusty gift bag fill it with items like candles, gels, spritzs and sprays. Or on the other hand if they are known to carry their lunch often, grab up a bunch of various sized containers that they can use for soups and sandwiches, maybe even buying them a new lunch container to keep their goodies cold. For the coworker that you really dont know well at all, purchasing items for their office is always a great idea a mirror for their wall or desk, a photo holder, a key chain, a joke of the day calendar, or even a picture for on their wall. 

For the sister, mother special occasions you are going to be able to get quite creative in this category.  Using your gift bag you can fill it with some of the special things in life that maybe she doesnt pamper herself with like: candles, fake flowers or vines for decorating, vases and glasses to replace worn out ones, special teas and coffee that have added tastes, boxes of candy that are just her flavor, a special shirt that she can lounge in the house in, note pads of all sorts, containers of all sorts and sizes, and any little gadgets for the house that are just for her. Nail polish, remover, eye liner, toothbrushes, hair conditioning leave in treatment, or even a box of cards that she can use to send out to others these are all going to be great gifts when combined to make one larger gift!

For the brother or father occasions creating that perfect gift will seem difficult until you realize how many things that they will really appreciate!  Using your gift bag create a combination of the following, deck of cards, a few extra dice, a book for phone numbers and email addresses, a couple of t-shirts that are perfect for working outside on the weekends, a pair of gloves for those colder months, some beef jerky, some favorite shelled nuts that he loves, a few puzzles, cool hats with his favorite team, a new electric razor, some cologne, a pair of boxes that are just to funny to pass up, a couple books about his favorite hobby, a few more tapes or cassettes for the video camera and even a few disposable cameras.

Your creativeness is going to bring out the best in anyone. You can create that perfect gift bag for anyone in your life without having to spend lots of money.  Useful items, personal items, and items that everyone enjoys but hardly ever buy for their selves are going to be great ideas!

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