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Grocery plastic bags. Ideas for storing grocery plastic bags

We save them and save them, grocery plastic bags seem to be everywhere in your home. I do not need to tell you what to use them for but here is some advice on how to store your grocery plastic bags.

  • Use a small empty tissue box to store plastic bags. wrap them into each other and stuff into the tissue box and they will pull up like a dispenser, and take up almost no space.

  • Use a pair of old tights, pantyhose or stocking. Cut off the toe piece only then feed in the plastic bags from the top, you can then hang it up. Pull the bags from the toe end as needed. This method is especially good if you are camping in your RV or caravan. Hang them up in the wardrobe.

  • Store your plastic bags in an old tube from your paper towels. This keeps them out of the way but handy in a drawer!

  • Keeping a few extra bags in the bottom of the garbage can makes them handy when you need them.

  • If you are short of ideas for using old grocery plastic bags then simply use them in smaller trash cans in your home.

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