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Leftover Fat. Idea for the use of left over fat in the kitchen

If you regularly cook meat you will be aware of the amount of fat that is often removed during the cooking process. The question is what do you do with all this left over fat?

Well what you must NOT do is pour it down the drain. The fat will solidify almost immediately and block your drain.

Bird Food  A very good use for this left over fat is to feed your local birds. Once fat is cooled it can be stored in a smooth sided plastic container in the refrigerator . Keep topping it up until the container is half full. The reason for the container being smooth sided is it is easier to remove the fat later.

The easiest way to prepare this food for birds is to melt the fat in a pan over a medium heat and add enough, peanuts, raisins and any other goodies to fill the original container. Mix all together and pour back into the container. Push a piece of string down into the mixture (for hanging up later) and allow to cool. After it has thoroughly cooled you should be able to pop it out of the container and hang it out for a real birdie feast. If you struggle to get the finished article out of the container you can run it under a little warm water to ease the process.

Caution: Do not heat fat in your microwave as it can spit and catch fire.

If you are reading this and you have already poured hot fat down your drain and you have blocked it, you may find that pouring boiling water directly down the drain will re-melt the fat and shift the blockage.

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