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Shoe boxes. Alternative uses for shoe boxes

Shoeboxes are often a nuisance when you don�t have anything creative in mind to use them for, but using this article, you will find many creative uses for shoeboxes. You might even find yourself buying another pair of shoes just for the box!

1 � Using the shoebox cut of the sides.  Using scrap of wallpaper, cover this small area of the shoebox with different pieces of wallpaper creating your own picture or motif using various colors, shapes and textures.  You can glue the wallpaper on or you can actually wet the wallpaper as the instructions state.  Great for hanging in any room in the home or office for a personal look that you will treasure as the pieces of wall paper are bits of memories of rooms and times spent in these rooms.

2 � One thing to keep in mind is that cardboard does recycle!  You can put your shoebox in a recycling center and who knows, you might end up buying a pair of shoes that were made from that same cardboard!

3 � Use cardboard to start fires in the fire place and roast some marshmallows outdoors for a good time!

4 � Shred up the cardboard and use it in the garden.  The cardboard is going to deteriorate in the soil, but keep your soil looser at the same time for a great nutrient rich garden.

5 � Fill your box with soil and add a few worms. Creating a worm farm is going to keep young children excited about nature.

6 � Cutting the cardboard into strips, you can stuff it in cracks and holes in your basement to keep air and little critters from getting in your home.

7- Add soil to your box put in a few seeds and grow flowers in your home in the middle of winter when you need a little extra green to brighten you day!

8 � Use the shoebox to hold multiple pictures through out the years of your family so you can look at them without having to hunt them up.  You can store the picture separating them with index cards if you have multiple children, events or types of photos in the same shoebox.

9 � Use a shoebox to hold buttons of all types in your sewing room.

10 � Use a shoebox to hold all your spools of thread so you can find your special color fast and easy when mending an item.

11 � Barbie and baby doll clothes fit nicely in a shoebox while keeping the playroom or the girls rooms nice and tidy at the same time.

12 � Shoeboxes make wonderful holders for collections of pens, pencils, and crayons and even for all that play dough that has been given to the children!

13 � You can use shoeboxes to hold negatives from all the pictures that you are putting into albums.

14 � CD�s and floppies that hold valuable information from past business or home computer usage can easily stored in shoeboxes under the bed, in the closet or in the attic in case you ever need them again.

15 � Shoeboxes can be decorated with contact paper and set on the counter as a mail collection or bill storage on your counter, desk or shelf.

16 � Decorating shoeboxes with paint, glitter and other goodies will make a great box for the children that are exchanging valentines in school.

17 � Shoeboxes that are a little more heavy duty can hold seeds that you are drying in the greenhouse with out having to worry about your seeds getting squashed.

18 � Shoeboxes are a great place for legos and other similar tiny blocks to be held long after the boxes from games are destroyed.

19 � Storing canning jar lids in a shoebox over the winter in the attic will declutter your kitchen area.

20 � If you like to put special hand towels in your kitchen or bath for the holidays, you can easily store them in shoeboxes in your attic for the next holiday.

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