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Newspaper. Ways to recycle newspapers

The newspaper is one thing that many of us have in common now matter where in the world that we live. We read the newspaper to find sales, the latest local news, and the read about world events. The newspaper is a lightweight paper that is not too strong but generally there is lots of it daily to prove useful for more than just reading.

The newspaper is useful for wrapping items that you want to ship.  You can wrap items in newspaper to buffer the handling when an item is shipped through any means.  Newspaper can be wrapped using the full sheets that is comes as a newspaper as, or you can shred newspaper into thin strips and use this as a packing material.  Newspapers can also be shredded into tiny pieces, criss cross cut so that they many little pieces are going to provide a great packing material.

Speaking of newspaper being a great packing material for when you are shipping something, newspapers are also a great packing material when you are storing something in your attic. Newspapers keep your items from breaking when shook or dropped.

The newspaper, believe it or not, makes great last minute wrapping paper when you don�t have any!  Wrapping a present in the comics or in the colorful sections of the newspaper is often something that is done around many homes when wrapping paper is scarce. Wrapping items for almost anyone in newspaper for a birthday or other personal occasion is fine when you are close (very friendly or a relative) to the person.

You can use newspapers to wash windows when you are having a hard time cleaning the windows without leaving streaks.  Believe it or not, washing your windows with newspapers will leave your windows shiny and clean.

Newspapers can be used to soak up puddles of water on the floor from the rain or snow.  Laying the papers on the puddle, the water will soak into the fibers and you can just pick up the papers and throw them away.

Newspapers are used to help train dogs and cats.  Lay the newspaper by the door when you are trying to train a dog to go outside, you will find that the dog will pee on the paper. Having the paper by the door will help train the habits of the dog.  When you see the dog sitting on the newspaper, just open the door so they can go out.

If you like to garden, starting seeds indoors is easy and inexpensive using newspapers. While many gardeners will purchase the peat pots, you can use newspaper to make a few �cups� to hold soil and plant seeds in the house.  Instead of having to take the plants out of the cups or containers, you can plant the newspaper right in the soil and it will add more nutrients to your soil for your other plants as well!  Just pull the ends of a newspaper together and tape lightly (you will need to pull the tape off before planting), squashing down the paper you will make a holder that will stand and hold dirt.

Newspapers are also a great weed control that is very inexpensive in the garden.  Lay newspapers along between the rows in your garden.  The newspaper will disintegrate into the soil adding nutrients for the plants while preventing weeds from growing.  You can�t use the colored glossy papers for this thought, just the black and white.

Another use for newspapers in on the farm, many farmers have been using newspaper to save money in the stalls for cows, horses, pigs, sheep and more. This soaks up the manure and is then scraped up and spread over the fields.  If you know a farmer that uses newspapers in his barn, they will gladly accept newspapers for recycling in this manner where at least the paper is being put to good use and not just put in the landfill.

Happy reading!

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