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Coffee grounds. Uses for coffee grounds

Here are some great ideas for reusing your coffee grounds:

Fertilizer If you keep a box of soil that you use for repottting plants and adding soil to your gardens, add your coffee grounds filter and all. For every time you add coffee grounds to your box of soil be sure to add one cup of powdered lime to balance the acid. This is a secret recipe for adding nutrients to the soil that will help you plants thrive.

Gardening Coffee grounds are great for gardens. I've been using them in mine for years. I recently heard that if you would like large amounts of grinds (ie, if you have a large garden), you can ask your local Starbucks for grinds and they will be happy to provide them to you. Apparently, this giving away of grinds is part of a green earth campaign Starbucks is promoting. Works for me!

Ants Used coffee grounds are good to put on ant hills also. But being the little critters that ants are....they just move to another location. I do save all my used coffee ground and put them in my compost pile/into my garden.

Cleaning Use them to clean ashtrays and anything else that is really greasy. They're abrasive but gentle enough to use on any stain resistant surface, and smell good too.

Dye An inexpensive way to dye fabric brown is to soak it in strong black coffee without sugar. But remember, it won�t be colorfast.

Bait carrier Transport your fishing bait� worms or maggots � in a tin or paper cup half-full of moist coffee grounds; they�ll be easier to get hold of when needed.

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