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Wine crates. Ways to recycle wine crates

Here are some great ideas for recycling wine crates

Decoration storage Wrap Christmas decorations in newspaper, individually if necessary, and then place them in each of the carton's segments.

Workshop organizer Use a sectioned box to store strips of wood, moldings, draught excluder and metal rods.

Glass protector Keep fine crystal glassware or light bulbs, sorted by wattage, in sections of a wine crate.

Ball game Place a wine crate at an angle (by leaning it on a cushion, for example) and erect a small ramp leading up to the front - a rubber mat or chopping board resting on a pile of books will do. Assign numbered values to each section of the box. To play, roll golf, tennis or tabletennis balls up the ramp and into the wine crate; the winner is the one with the highest score.

Tool keeper Attach three wine crates to each other (only the bottom one keeps its base) with insulating or masking tape, stacking them so the dividers match up. Store a long-handled garden tool in each divider.

Sports caddy Keep one in your child's room for neat storage of tennis rackets, cricket bats, fishing rods and other sporting paraphernalia. Get them to decorate the box with stickers, paintings or adhesive-backed plastic.

Art preserver A clean wine crate with its partitions intact is a great place to store rolled-up drawings, plans and canvases - in or out of cardboard tubes.

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