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Bottles. Ways to recycle bottles

Here are some great ideas for recycling bottles

Mole and rabbit repellent You may find that bottles set into the ground leaving an inch of their necks exposed will scare off moles as the wind whistles across the top of them. Place them near any molehills. Bottles which are half filled with water or sand and then placed around the garden may do the same for rabbits.

Rolling pin Fill a smooth-sided glass bottle with water and screw the top on tightly. Dust the sides of the bottle with a sprinkling of flour before rolling out the dough.

Bud vase Remove the spray section from an empty perfume bottle, wash it thoroughly and use it to display small flowers such as violets or primroses.

Bowling pins Paint ten clean plastic bottles of the same size - such as mineral water bottles - with the numbers 1 to 10 and use them as skittles. Play indoors on a rainy day with a rubber ball.

Bellows When thoroughly cleaned and dried, a squeezable washing-up liquid or ketchup bottle with a hole in its spout can serve as a bellows for encouraging a slow fire.

Drill holster To make a portable carrier for a cordless drill or screwdriver, cut the neck off a plastic bottle. Then cut it again about halfway down the bottle on the diagonal. You can either screw the carrier to the wall above your workbench or cut two slits in the taller side and thread it onto a belt.

Plant protector Take a 1.5Ltr or 2Ltr clear plastic bottle and cut off the base with a craft knife. Remove the stopper and place over a single plant! A simple but effective way of protecting tender plants from slugs or the weather.

Funnel  You can remove the top of a 1.5Ltr or 2Ltr plastic bottle and slit lengthways to produce a mini plastic tunnel. Some companies sell plastic mouldings to maintain the shape. Use flat pieces of plastic for end caps

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