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Bubble pack / wrap. Ways to recycle Bubble pack / wrap

Have you always wondered what to do with  Bubble pack / wrap, well here are a few ideas to try before throwing it away:

Bench upholstery Soften hard garden benches with a layer or two of bubble pack. And take some with you on outings - bubble pack will make picnic benches more comfortable, too.

Table pad When repairing pieces of glass or china, lessen the chance of breaking something by covering the work surface with bubble pack.

Rain bonnet Keep a square of bubble pack folded up in your handbag for unexpected showers - it makes a good waterproof scarf, or seat cover, in an emergency.

Cooler Wrap ice cream and other frozen or chilled foods in bubble pack if you're going on a picnic - they will stay frozen longer.

Insulation Gluing bubble pack to the inside walls of a kennel will help to keep your dog warm on a chilly night - but don't try it if your dog tends to chew everything; it could be dangerous.

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