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Calendars. Ways to recycle a calendar

If you cannot bear to throw away your old Calendars, see the list of ideas below for recycling calendars:

Drawer liners Take apart an old calendar, especially one with nice pictures, and use the pages to line your desk drawers.

Jigsaw puzzle Glue a favourite calendar page on to a heavy piece of cardboard, and then cut it into large pieces to make a child's jigsaw.

Place mats Back the pages from an illustrated calendar with thick cardboard or cork, varnish front and back or cover with sticky-backed plastic and then use them as place mats.

Collage Glue the cut-out pages of a calendar onto 1/4 inch (6mm) plywood to make an attractive picture, or use them to cover an old wooden or metal box.

Greetings card Glue a favourite old calendar picture on to thin poster board for an inexpensive but attractive greetings card.

Wallpaper Use calendar art to paper a small room, such as the toilet; protect and 'antique' it with a coat of shellac varnish.

New Year's tablecloth Pull apart the outgoing year's calendar and glue the months randomly to a large piece of freezer paper for a topical table covering at the year-end celebration.

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place mat Comments By: Jaguar Rainbow Woman on 2010-07-15
You can also make place mats out of calendar pages by placing the calendar page between to pieces of wax paper that are slightly larger than the calendar page. Place these on top of an ironing cloth and then place another ironing cloth on top of it. Then iron at a medium setting. Ironing melts the wax and seals the picture in place. The ironing cloth protects the ironing board and the iron from the wax.

If you want to get fancy, you can stitch an edging or use an iron-eding all around.


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