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Doors. Ways to recycle old doors

Here are a few ideas is you have some old doors that you would like to recycle:

Folding screen Make a useful screen by hinging three lightweight, narrow, plain or louver doors together, and then decorate it with paint or wallpaper as desired.

Emergency bench Lay a solid door on top of concrete blocks or trestles to make emergency seating or a simple, outdoor table.

Desktop Flat, solid doors provide a sturdy surface for computers, typewriters and other large or bulky equipment. Set the door on top of two filing cabinets of matching height. Placed on a pair of trestles, it works well for pasting up wallpaper.

Table extender Enlarge a small dining table by placing a flat door on top. Put a pair of thin rubber gloves on the table first to keep the door from sliding off its base.

Temporary path After a heavy rainstorm, lay old doors over soggy ground for easy walking.

Tree house If you have a large garden with a suitable tree, nail together several old doors to make a tree house for the children. Or you could make a smaller, freestanding Wendy house if you have no trees.

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Put on floor of attic for insulation Comments By: Myles Collins on 2009-11-27
We are having our inside doors replaced. Hollow doors are too flimsy to stand on so I'll put my old doors on the attic floor near the eaves so that they add a layer of insulation and I can put boxes on them for storage. I can't put them in middle of the attic, though, or risk someone trying to walk on them. I already have insulation (that pink stuff) in the attic floor but this would go over that and provide just a bit more energy savings.

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