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Egg box. Ways to recycle egg boxes

Here are a host of ideas for recycling egg boxes:

Desk organizer Remove the top of an egg box and place the base inside a desk drawer; it can hold paper clips, rubber bands and other small desk items.

Coin toss Number each section of an egg box and then use it as a game for the children. Place the box at a suitable distance and give them each a few coins to throw into it. The child with the highest score is the winner.

Jewelry box Store rings, earrings and chains in the individual cups.

Easter decorations Carefully blow several chicken or duck eggs (make a hole in each end with a pin, one slightly larger than the other, and blow hard to push out the liquid egg), then get the children to paint or draw Easter designs on them.

Toy centipede Cut 2 or 3 boxes into individual segments and then string them together with thread. Glue on legs and antennae made from pipe cleaners and then paint the resulting centipede in bright primary colors.

Christmas storage Store fragile Christmas tree decorations in empty egg cartons; one glass ball per segment.

Seed starter Punch a hole in the bottom of each cup, and then fill it with potting soil and water. Leave to drain overnight, then sow one or two seeds per cup and cover with plastic wrap. Uncover the cups when the seeds begin to sprout.

Palette Children can mix paints neatly in an empty plastic egg carton.

Game storage Keep track of the small items in your children's games: use one egg box per game, label it with the name of the game, and keep it closed with a sturdy rubber band.

Ice cube tray When you need extra ice for parties, fill plastic egg boxes with water and place in the freezer. Store the frozen blocks in a plastic bag.

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