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Fabric scraps. Ways to recycle fabric scraps

Here are a few ideas for recycling scraps of fabric:

Shelf brightener Brighten up dull storage shelves by keeping fabric scraps rolled up in glass jars. Sort them into similar colors first.

Bean bags Make bean bags out of rectangular scraps of fabric measuring about 7 X 6in. Fold them in half; sew up three sides, turn the bags inside-out and fill them with rice or dried peas. Then sew up the open end.

Jam jar decoration Finish off a gift of homemade jam with a circle of fabric cut to size with a pair of pinking shears. Slip it over the rim of the jar and secure it with an elastic band.

Workshop cleaning  Any handyman would be glad of rags for DIY jobs. Cut fabric into small squares and thread a string through the pile so they can be hung up.

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