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Film canisters. Ways to recycle film canisters

I cannot bear to throw away the containers that your new film comes in, well here are a few ideas for recycling film canisters

Toolbox Store small nails, screws, fuses and nuts and bolts inside plastic-capped film canisters.

Paperweight Decorate the outside of a canister with enamel paints and then fill it with sand � an ideal present for your children to make for their relatives.

Dry box On camping and boating trips, film canisters will keep your paper money, matches and pills dry.

Spice storage Similarly, use old canisters for small quantities of salt, pepper, herbs or oil that might be needed on an outing or short camping trip.

Fly deterrent If you don�t finish your bottle of wine at one sitting, cover the opening and neck with a film canister. It will keep out fruit flies and other small flying insects.

Pillbox Keep aspirin, pills and vitamins in separate canisters when traveling; label each one clearly with masking tape.

Sewing kit Put two needles, black and white cotton wrapped around a piece of toothpick, a couple of buttons and several safety pins in a canister. Pack it in your suitcase for emergency repairs.

Organizer Put paper clips, rubber bands and safety pins in individual canisters.

Coin holder Keep some small change for telephones, buses, parking meters or the launderette in your bag.

Jewelry box Store earrings and rings in a canister; put chains in individual canisters to keep them tangle-free.

Swimmer�s helper Carry your earplugs to the beach in a film canister. Then make a swap � put your small valuables inside the canister while you have a swim so they�ll be protected from moisture and sand.

Candle mould Tape a wick to the bottom of the canister and tie it to a toothpick across the top. Pour in hot wax and leave it to harden overnight. To use the candle, remove it from the canister and place in a candle holder.

Stamp saver Keep stamps unstuck and all in one place.

�Dry� ice cubes Partially fill a canister with water. Let it freeze and then cap it tightly. Place several in a pitcher of iced coffee, lemonade or martinis to keep the drink cool without diluting it.

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