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Foam rubber. Ways to recycle foam rubber

Foam rubber is quite expensive to buy, so it is always worth saving foam rubber and recycling it. Here are a few ideas for ways to recycle foam rubber:

Clothes retainer If your lightweight clothes slip off wooden coat hangers, stick a small patch of foam rubber on each end of the hanger with adhesive.

Soap sponge Sew two 6in squares of thin foam rubber together, leaving a small slit in the top. Slip slivers of old soap inside the rubber casing to make a bath mitt. You can also cut the foam into a decorative shape, such as an animal or fruit, if you want.

Hair remover Pick animal hairs off upholstered seats by wiping them with a piece of damp foam rubber.

Mat retainer Stick small, flat pieces of foam rubber to the underside of each corner of a rug or mat. It will stop it slipping.

Weeding aid Stuff an old hot water bottle with pieces of foam rubber and use it as a kneeling pad when working in the garden.

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