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Garden hose. Ways to recycle Garden hoses

Here are a few ideas for recycling old Garden hoses:

Tree protector Slip a section of old hose around the trunk of a very young tree to protect it from support ropes. Or alternatively, pad the ropes themselves with sections of hose.

Cat frightener Leave lengths of black hose around your garden. It is supposed to scare cats away. They apparently think that they are snakes.

Blade guard Protect the blades on your lawnmower by cutting an old hose into sections, slitting them open and slipping one over each blade when not in use. This is also a sensible precaution when storing an axe or saw; it will protect the tool�s cutting edge and could prevent an accident.

Bucket handle To make carrying a heavy bucketful more comfortable, slit open a 4in/loomm length of old garden hose and slip it along the length of the bucket handle.

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