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Greetings cards. Ways to recycle greetings cards

Here are a host ways to recycle greetings cards

Recipe tag When giving home-baked biscuits or cakes as a present, write the recipe on the back of an old greetings card illustration.

Picture frame Cut a rectangle, oval or circle frame from a piece of card, making the inner section of the frame 1/4in smaller on all sides than your picture. Attach the picture to the back of the frame with masking tape. Make the frame from card of a suitable color.

Place mat Glue a selection of greetings card pictures onto a 12 x 18in piece of cardboard. Then coat them with several layers of clear acrylic to make the mat heatproof, or cover it with transparent sticky-backed plastic.

Christmas decorations Punch a tiny hole in the top of a decorative card, and insert a length of ribbon which you can use to hang the decoration with. Write a favorite verse on the back of the card.

Gift tags Use up old christmas cards you do not want to save by cutting out the picture or greeting on the front and use it as a tag on your presents. Some of those cards are just lovely and this is a good way to use the pictures. Just tape on, and write who it's to and from

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