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Lolly sticks. Ways to recycle lolly sticks

Do you save lolly sticks. If not maybe it is something that you should consider. They are great for many little jobs around the home. Read on for ways to recycle lolly sticks:

Stirrer A wooden ice lolly stick is useful for mixing small amounts of paint, putty and glue - just throw it away when you have finished.

Ruler Use a stick as an emergency ruler.

Shim Use wood glue to attach a small section of stick to the bottom corner or leg of a piece of furniture to make it stand level on the floor.

File Glue a piece of fine sandpaper to one end of a stick with wood glue and use it for sanding tricky corners and intricate mouldings.

Index file marker Make a stick slightly longer than the height of an index card. Attach it to the back of the card with strong paper or wood adhesive, and then letter the top of the stick with a marker pen. Repeat for each letter of the alphabet.

Splint In an emergency, carefully put an ice lolly stick along the side of an injured finger. Tape the finger and 'splint' to a neighbouring uninjured finger, or tie the two together with strips of cloth, and keep them elevated to avoid swelling.

Garden marker Mark your vegetable rows by writing the name and date of planting on a stick in indelible ink; then push it into the soil at the end of the row.

Putty trowel Use an ice lolly stick to spread freshly applied putty evenly around window and door frames. Dampen the stick with water first to prevent the putty sticking to it.

Visitors comments

Pathetic Comments By: David Cochrane on 2008-07-23
I find this list of ways to 'recycle a lolly stick' to be pathetic.

This kind of green zeal has become a madness and an obsession. Can we get over it please, it's nauseating!

There is no shortage of soft wood trees to provide lolly sticks. The trees are farmed like any other vegetation, and there is nothing environmentally unfriendly about the trees or the sticks (which are completely bio-degradable).

There is no shortage of landfill sites either - and if there were (and there is not) lolly sticks would not be high up on the list of contributing factors.


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