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Jar lids. Ways to recycle jar lids

Here are a few ideas for ways to recycle jar lids:

Reflectors Cover a number of jar lids with reflective paint and press them into the ground in an upright position along paths and driveways. They will help you find your way at night. Short lengths of wood can be attached to the back of the lids with an epoxy resin glue to make the reflectors easier to insert into the ground.

Biscuit cutter Use a deep lid to cut out shallow biscuits. Dip it in flour first, and then press it into the dough.

Food saver To keep the remaining half of an apple or orange fresh for a day or so, place it face down on a paper-lined lid and refrigerate. To save a partially consumed glass of milk, cover it with a large lid and refrigerate.

Coaster Glue felt or cork to the inside of a lid with a general purpose epoxy then rest your cold drink in it.

Candle holder Take a supply of old lids with you when you go camping, and use them to hold candles.

Photo frame Paint a large lid or cover it with a scrap of decorative fabric; glue a photograph cut to fit inside the lid.

Paint palette For quick touch-ups around the house, pour a small quantity of paint into a lid and dip into it with an artist's brush.

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