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Jars. Ways to recycle jars

If you hate throwing away glass jars, here are a few ideas for ways to recycle jars

Dressing maker Put all the ingredients for a vinaigrette dressing into a jar, screw the lid on tightly and then shake well. You can keep the jar of dressing in the refrigerator.

Terrarium Place a 1in layer of pebbles and charcoal chips in a large jar, and then 3in of sterilized potting compost. Add the plants of your choice. After planting, moisten the compost slightly and place the open terrarium in a bright spot for a day before covering.

Cocktail shaker Use a glass jam jar for mixing daiquiris or margaritas.

Savings jar Punch a slit in the metal lid of a jam jar with an old screwdriver or chisel, and then flatten the rough edges on the underside of the slit with a hammer. Use the jar to collect all your loose change, or decorate a small round jar as a piggy bank for a child to keep pocket money in.

Mitten dryer Pull a wet mitten over the bottom of a small jar, and then stand the open end on a radiator; your gloves or mittens will be dry in a trice.

Workshop storage Nail the lids of several jam or coffee jars to the underside of a workshop shelf. Use the jars to store nails, screws, nuts and bolts.

Waterproof storage Keep paper money or matches dry when needed by storing them in screw-top jars.

Insect collector Punch a few holes in the metal lid of a jam jar and give it to your children to collect caterpillars or ants. Show them how to put some leaves in with the insects so the caterpillars have something to eat.

Glue pot Drill a hole big enough to take the handle of an old paintbrush in the metal lid of a preserving jar. To let the brush hang in the pot, rest the lid on top of the screw-on ring. Wipe off excess glue on the ring.

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