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Keys. Ways to recycle old keys

Here are a few ways to recycle old keys

Fishing weight Don't throw out any old keys you have lying about the house -you can use them as weights for your fishing line.

Curtain weight To ensure that a pair of curtains hang properly, slip a number of old keys into the hem of each one at regular intervals.

Visitors comments

recycle old keys Comments By: Philip on 2008-05-07
I sent a bunch of keys to www.keysforkindness.com, they help out the M.S. society so I said what the heck.
Keys for Bees Comments By: Robyn Clarke on 2011-03-24
Honey Bees are having a hard time with hives dying out due to unknown causes. Why not help us to by joining our 'Keys For Bees' project where our aim is to lease our own small padock and start up new hives, which you can view using our web cam to see how each hive is doing.

We all have keys that we don't know what they should be opening, now you can put that old key to a good use and unlock a new home for honey bees. Search out your kitchen draw or your 'Man Draw' for any old keys (plus any nuts or screws etc) pop in an envelope and send them to us.



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