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Margarine tubs. Ways to recycle margarine tubs

Here are a host of ways to recycle margarine tubs:

Paint can Pour paint into an empty margarine tub for small touch-up jobs around the house.

Ice cream containers Use small tubs to freeze individual portions of ice cream.

Mould Make individual jellies to serve at children's tea parties, salads or mousse desserts.

Pet dish Remember to take several lightweight disposable containers with you when you're traveling with your pet to use as feeding bowls.

Baby bowl Store leftover baby food in them. Or use them for feeding the baby away from home - you can even carry the food in them.

Piggy bank Cut a slit in the lid and decorate the sides to make a piggy bank for a child.

Starter pot Poke holes in the bottom of a tub and add potting compost; then sow the seeds as recommended on the packet.

Storage bin Clean and use to store odds and ends in the kitchen, garage, workshop or children's rooms; they're ideal for jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Freezer storage Store leftovers, soups and stock in the freezer in sturdy tubs which are not cracked.

Lunch box aids Keep a supply of tubs for your children's lunchboxes - that way, they don't have to have sandwiches every day. They could even take a salad from time to time.

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