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Keep on top of your oven and stove cleaning

The inside of ovens and stoves can become quite filthy over time. The best method of cleaning of them is to keep on top of the spills that occur. Read on to see some great tips for keeping on top of the mess caused inside your oven or stove whilst cooking:

  • Aluminum foil is quickly to the rescue in this case. You can keep your oven cleaner by lining the bottom of your oven with aluminum foil. When it is dirty, remove the foil and put new down.

  • Keep your pans that you use for baking cleaner without the hassle of a sticky mess by lining the baking pan with foil, with the dull side up and then spray with cooking spray - this allows you to cook with out the big clean up mess!

  • When spills occur on our cooker immediately sprinkle the spill with salt. Wipe it up once things have cooed down. It will absorb the spill.

  • To dissolve baked on spills apply a paste of baking soda and water it will shift the mark with a bit of rubbing.

  • Place a small dish of ammonia on the upper rack of the oven and a pan of water on the bottom. Leave the oven warm over night (NO FAN). Air the oven in the morning and wipe away the grease with an all purpose cleaner and warm water.

  • Try to avoid spills in your oven by placing casseroles or pies which are the main offenders of spills on a baking sheet or silver foil when cooking.

  • If you have been busy cooking and now you have a bunch of grease in the bottom of your stove you can clean this out fast. Just sprinkle the bottom of your over with a bit if dishwasher powder. Just the area with a few paper towels and wipe out clean with a wet wash rag.

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