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Iceburg lettuce. Tip for serving Iceburg lettuce.

Serve iceberg lettuce wedges instead of torn salad greens to save time making a salad. Also, before refrigerating iceberg lettuce, wash and remove the core so each time you need some for salad it's clean and ready.

You can also prolong the life of your lettuce fresh by wrapping it in a paper towel, and then putting it in a sealed baggie in the fridge. This keeps the air out and the excessive moisture off of the lettuce at the same time.

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Stupid lettuce idea Comments By: David Levine on 2004-09-13
I cannot see why it is better to remove the core of the lettuce before putting it in the crisper drawer in the fridge. Taking the leaves off makes the lettuce get brown faster.

Why not just store it intact, as a cabbage would be stored?

It makes no sense to take the leaves off the core and oujt them in moist paper towels in a plastic bag. You can email me direct at nhrug(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thanks.

actually Comments By: Pandemonium on 2005-06-07
apparently the core draws moisture out of the leaves.

I've been using that method for years and it works.


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