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Store potatoes, carrots, turnips, swede, beets, vegetables

If you buy your potatoes, carrots, swede etc be sure to buy them with soil on them or at least uncleaned. In other words unwashed and uncut. The best place to store them is in a place that is cool and dark so tha they will keep longer. In a outhouse, underground cellar or somewhere where there is no heating. However they must not be too cold as frost will cause rotting too which will mean you will have losses.

Generally speaking you probably buy your vegetables from a supermarket and they will come ready washed and some even cut already. If this is the case then the best place is in the refrigerator.

Keep vegetables in plastic bags for best long term saving in the fridge. Take out the air to keep vegetables from getting moldy.

Keeping potatoes in a bag in the fridge helps them last longer without rooting. This is similar to keeping them in your unfinished basement where there is no heat.

Keep celery fresh by wrapping in aluminum foil and storing in the fridge for crisp celery every time!

If you have corn on the cob you can wash it and freeze it by putting it in a bag without any air for up to three months for a great fresh taste. You can keep corn in the fridge for a few days longer by cooking it in boiling water and adding a bit of sugar to the water. Then storing in the fridge in a plastic bag or plastic wrap for up to two weeks!

To keep your cottage cheese, yogurt or your sour cream fresh longer by storing them upside down in the fridge. This keeps the air from getting in the container and causing mold.

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