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Save energy by the way you use your stove or cooker

You can save money by using these tips for using your stove or cooker

Fan-forced ovens cost up to 35% less to run than conventional ovens and reduce cooking time by one-third.

If you use a conventional oven, try to cook several dishes in the one session. This takes advantage of the stored heat which builds up in the oven.

Try not to open the door whilst cooking; the temperature drops by around 15�C every time you do.

Where possible, use small energy efficient appliances, such as electric pressure cookers, frying pans or toaster ovens for cooking and baking in small quantities.

Use a toaster instead of the grill or broiler.

Boil water in a fast boiling electric kettle or jug, instead of using a saucepan and hotplate.

Use pots and pans with flat bases that closely fit the size of the element.

When using a fan-forced oven there is no need for pre-heating. Place the food in the oven immediately after it is turned on.

Using the range hood to remove cooking heat can reduce air conditioning costs.

Ensure the door seals on your oven are in good condition.

Regularly clean the hotplate reflectors to ensure maximum heat reflection.

Reheating food is cheaper and quicker in the microwave. Make meals in slow cookers or pressure cookers for economy

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