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Cleaning Up in the Kitchen

Do you need a little help in organizing and planning your cleaning through your kitchen?

Start with your refrigerator so all the crumbs and �stuff� you get on the floor can be wiped up as you continue with your cleaning spree.  Defrost your freezer, wipe down your freezer with a vinegar, baking soda and water mixture. Be sure to pitch anything that is too old and then put this back. Do the �same� with the bottom of your fridge. Clean the rubbers on the doors making sure that you get all the crumbs from the door seals so you keep your seals in great condition. Wipe down the exterior and the top of your fridge so you can move on to the next task.

Pull out your refrigerator and sweep out the back, underneath and the sides of the appliance. Pull out your stove and sweep out behind and around the stove. Mop behind your stove and fridge � wiping the walls down while you are doing this to keep all the dust and hair out of these little nooks and crannies.

Before moving on to the cabinets or the walls, be sure to clean the ceiling if it is not textured. Getting the grease out of the corners brightens your kitchen nicely.

Wipe down the woodwork in your kitchen using lemon oil, a wood soap or your favorite wood cleaner. This should include window frames, woodwork on top or on the bottom of your walls, and your cabinetry.

Be sure to wipe off the tops of you cabinets and then wipe down everything on the cabinets. Do this again on open shelving that you have in the kitchen and everything on these shelves.

Next you can move to the interior of your cabinets. Wiping down everything that you take out of the cabinets, and then wiping out the cabinets themselves. This is a great time to reline the cabinets in you like to keep liners in you cabinets.

As you put everything back in the cabinets, you can then wipe down the under side of the cabinets getting that layer of grease off of the wood.

Wipe down the walls that are in the kitchen, and then move on to cleaning the counters good.

Be sure to wipe off and scrub down the appliances on the counters and then you can move on and clean the sink with the faucet in your kitchen.

Now you can wipe down the pictures and the clocks on the walls. Then wipe down the walls that are not surrounded by the cabinets.

Wash your curtains, iron if needed.

Clean out the inside of your stove it if it is not a self cleaning oven, be sure to lift the top on the stove and get all the crumbs on the bottom.

As you clean out the kitchen, be sure to check your fire extinguisher! This is important that you still have a working fire extinguisher for those times of emergency in the kitchen.

After you have cleaned just about everything in your kitchen, you should remember to wipe down those light switches, the light covers and the outlets that are in your kitchen.

Now that you have cleaned from top to bottom in your kitchen it is time to sweep and mop your floor. If you need to strip the wax, now is the time to do it, and if you have special drying methods now is the time to use them for a sparkling kitchen!

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