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Ginger root. Tips for storing freezing fresh ginger root

If you like to use fresh ginger, take the ginger root when you bring it home from the store cut off what you need for the moment, and then wrap the rest in wax paper and then put in a sealed baggie and put it in the freezer. Every time you want a bit of fresh ginger just take it out and clip a little off and put the rest back.

You will find that the frozen ginger can be easily grated. Freezing stops all of those stringy and lumpy bits in whatever you are cooking, without compromising the flavour.

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Brilliant tip Comments By: Anita-Winchester on 2009-08-07
What a brilliant tip on storing fresh ginger.I shall certainly use that one.
Works Great! Comments By: Cooking Maven on 2009-08-25
Works Great! Thanks for the tip.
doesn't work Comments By: robski on 2010-03-11
But frozen ginger seems to taste of sod all!?! Myself I have to add loads and loads more than otherwise. Unfortunately most of the other preserving techniques end in jam!! Annoyingly I reckon fresh ginger has to mean just that!

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