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Organizing Spices

If your kitchen is anything like most other kitchens, you have a shelf full of spices; ingredients and additives that you can�t even see passed the first row in the cupboard.  The wonderful thing about having your own kitchen is that you can arrange it in any manner that you see fit.

Here we are going to talk a bit out how to organize your spice cupboard and make a few additions to your kitchen habits so that you can get the most for your money for the spices that you have in your kitchen.

You most likely have spices that you use for almost every dinner meal. The salt, pepper and the garlic, onion or butter powders � these are items that you should keep at your fingertips. Placing these spices on the top of your stove shelf, on a shelf that is under your cupboards or on the edge of the shelving that you have most handy by your stove, you will be able to reach for and put these spices away quickly.

There are going to be other spices and ingredients in your cupboards that you don�t use an awful lot, like the sprinkles for on cakes, the clove, steak pepper, the food coloring, the season all, the seasons for soup, the chicken or beef bouillon, the lemon seasoning, and just about anything else in your cupboard. You are going to need to organize these spices so your can pick out what you want and when you want without having to tear apart the cupboard. This entire process makes baking and cooking so much more fun!

One quick way that you can arrange your spices so you can grab what you want quickly is on a spice rack, one that will turn in circles and generally is going to be no bigger than a bowl that holds two quarts. Arranging all of your spices on this circular merry go round spice rack is going to keep you organized where all of your spices are going to be well within reach. Putting them away won�t mean you have to reach up in the cupboard to stack them only to hope that they don�t fall back down on your head.

Another way that you can arrange your spices is to use a clear plastic container, about the size of two shoes boxes, or you can use a smaller one if you have fewer spices. Using this in the cupboard where the drawer slides out, all you have to do is lift the lid off, pick out your seasoning and you are going to be cooking!

There are a variety of ways to organize your spices that you don�t use very often. A great place, for spices that you only use once in a great while, is that little cupboard above the stove, or in the little cupboard that is above your fridge. These are great little spaces that will hide your spices away so that they don�t get mixed in with your other canned goods or dinner ingredients.

If you have a walk in pantry you can arrange all of the spices that you use occasionally in the pantry where you can quickly look at all the labels and pick out just what you want without having too much of this clutter in your kitchen.

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Organising herbs & spices Comments By: Maria Lewis-Natter on 2004-08-03
Find herbs and spices quickly and easily by simply organising them in alphabetical order.

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