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Vinegar will look after your washing machine

Pour a gallon of distilled vinegar into your washer and using warm water let your machine run through a wash and rinse cycle. The vinegar will cut through built up soap residue in hoses etc. Leaving your washer sparkling clean.

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Hot water rinse Comments By: Anon on 2004-08-09
If you run a hot water cycle with a little bleach after the gallon of vinegar, it will clean out any residual vinegar, residue, etc. Always check your apliance manual if in doubt.
vinegar in wash Comments By: acezz4e_tish on 2006-01-17
vinegar is a gr8 softener too in each wash rinse cycle. i have a front loader and put it in the rinse cup, ammonia in the bleach cup and baking soda with tide in the wash cup.

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