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Shrink jeans do it the easy way

I usually shrink things by default. Not setting the washing machine correctly or something like that. Anyway if you want to shrink your jeans have a go at the following.

Try boiling them first. Pop them in the washing machine and set the machine to the highest heat setting. They can be either tumble dried or on the line. If they are new and haven�t been preshrunk they may shrink by up to 15%. Using Alum (see below) will give you the same result unfortunately neither are totally permanent as fibers stretch to a certain degree with wear.

Aluminum sulphate also known as Aluminum Sulfate, Alum; Kalinite; common alum; white alum

Visitors comments

will it ruin the rhinestones on the pockets Comments By: cassidy on 2008-11-03
mine have rhinestones on the back pocket. will boiling them ruin the rhinestones?
jeans Comments By: josh on 2011-03-26
no your sesighnes on the mack pocket of your jeans will not mess up in any way.the hot water will just make them shine a little bit more brighter

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