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Dye. Tips for dying your fabric and clothes

When you want to dye your large items that need a little color change, you don't have to wash the item first just add your detergent and the dye in the wash at the same time. It will work!

Insure that you run your washing machine through an empty cycle before using for other laundry or you may find that your dye, changes the color of other items.

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How to dye a keepsake crocheted dress of two colors Comments By: Judy Snyder on 2009-05-18
This is a question - not a comment. For my second birthday (a looooong time ago), my grandmother hand crocheted a beautiful dress. The dress itself including the full back is pink (which is very faded). The bodice is white. My own daughter also wore the dress at age 2. How do I restore the pink without also dying the bodice. I would like to preserve the dress as it was originally.

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