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Organizing Your Bills

No matter what point you are in life, bills are going to be coming into your home or office continually.  How you organize and handle your bills can make the entire process so much easier. All you have to do is make it a habit to become organized daily as you open your mail or bring home bills and you will find that you will never be late with a payment again!

Let�s take it from your daily walk into the house after opening up your mail. First thing you are going to have to do is pitch those sales bills if you don�t want them.  All they are going to do is clutter up your counter. If there are any sales bills that you want these should go in a separate pile or space away from your bills and things to do piles.

To organize your bills so you can just grab a stack and pay them when you are in a hurry you are going to need a holder of some type with five slots. The fives slots are going to stand for the four weeks in any month, and the fifth is for bills that are going to be paid next month, next quarter or bills that just need paid when you have the extra money.

The first slot is always going to be the bills that are paid in the first week of the month; the second slot is for the second week and so on. So that all sounds easy enough but how do you train yourself to really get into the habit and do it?

First step is to only open the mail when you have about five minutes to review it. Opening all the mail, throwing away those credit card applications, sales bills, and the envelopes and trash that come in all the bills that you get.  This is really rather easy but it is an important step in keeping your little bill space organized and ready to bill payment.

Another thing that you are going to have to quickly sort out is the due date. Most all the bills you get are going to be due within the next two to three weeks. Making sure that you put them in the right slot is going to ensure that they are going to get paid on time. Again this only takes about ten seconds for each bill  - so be sure to do it!

What are going to do with receipts, mail and offers that you want to read over later? Put them in a totally different section of your deck, counter, and cupboard or where ever you keep your mail, this is how your organized bill section is going to work out so much better for you.

You are also going to come across bills that are due in a few months like taxes, trash, insurance and other quarterly type bills. These bills are going to go in the back slot, the slot where bills that get paid just once in a while will go. You can look back over these bills when you are paying bills and have a few minutes.

Now making time to pay your bills is going to be another matter. If you can find fifteen minutes to write out check and envelopes maybe on a Sunday evening or Monday morning you will just need to make it a habit. After doing it a few weeks in a row you are going to find yourself on a better-organized way to keeping your bills paid on time!

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