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Selling Your Home Inside Planning

You may be moving into a bigger or smaller home than the one that you currently are living in so this means you will be putting your home up for sale.  In order to make the sale of your home a viable sale that is going to happen faster you will need to prepare your home by completing a few simple, and a few not so simple, tasks so that your home becomes the house that others will want to purchase the moment that they see it without any reservations.

Many people who are selling their home feel that they should make it comfortable looking, homely with pictures of their family still on the walls.  When selling your home, you should take down your family pictures; leave up on the barest of accessories on the walls.  This allows the potential buyer to look at the house as a blank canvas that they can imagine their own family living in.  When potential buyers look at a house filled with memories of forty years of another family they are going to feel like an intruder in this home and will not make the decision to purchase it as easy.

Clean out the house and this includes extra papers hanging in the cabinet, putting things away or throwing them away.  De-cluttering your home so that all that potential buyers see is the life mainstays through out the home.  If you like to have three bottles of lotion on the window seal, be sure that now you keep just one.  Put plants in your office or another house where they are not going to make your home look cluttered and small. Taking all the clutter from your home, your drawers and in all the corners of all the rooms will make your home appealing and bigger.

Your kitchen will be an important place that you will need to make bigger.  You will want your kitchen to appear very roomy with lots of space.  Put all the pots, pans, plates, bowls, blenders and everything else that you use only once in a while in boxes in the attic.  If you really need it you can go get it but because you rarely use it you wont notice that they are gone any way.  This makes your counter and cabinet space very uncluttered and very roomy where the potential buyer will see that you have enough room so they should also.

The interior of your house should be cleaned and fixed up as much as possible. Of course some repairs will have to wait for the new owner if you are moving in a hurry, selling at rock bottom prices or if you are just unable to fit it in your budget. Filling in small holes in the walls, fixing cracks in the plaster or painting that wall that is just looking faded will help sell the house faster.  Fixing the leaking faucet, the leaky pipe or a squeaky door are going to make your house sell much faster when small things like this could be noticed if not taken care of.

Carpet stains, cleaned linoleum and clean windows are going to matter.  If there are major carpet stains the buyers will think that they need to invest more money after buying the home for a great looking carpet.  Work on getting all the stains out of the carpet. Keep your linoleum clean and scuff free.  Windows that sparkle will tell your potential buyer that you took care of your home and that this home is special. 

No two people walking into the same house are going to have the same feelings about the uses for certain rooms, but giving the potential buyer room to use their imagination you will have better success in selling your home.

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