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Moth proofers

There are several chemicals that will protect temporarily against moths. These may contain DDT or naphthalene, which can have a cumulative toxic effect if swallowed. Paradichlorohenzene crystals are preferable because they are less pungent.


Camphor deters moths, as does lavender oil, rosemary and cloves or thyme or even orange peel sprinkled over the clothes. Another traditional deterrent is a mixture of ground cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and orris root in a muslin bag placed among the clothes. Always clean clothes before storing them and re-treat them every six months.

Discourage moths by having woolens cleaned before storing, wrap in plastic bags, add some cloves or dried orange peel and seal. Line clothes cupboards and drawers with sheets of white damp-proof paper which can be bought in most wallpaper shops. This will keep clothes damp free and is also moth-proof.

If you have moth larvae in your clothes, run them through the dryer on the highest heat. This will kill the larvae in the clothes saving them from any further holes from the moths.

Trap moths by using a flat container of molasses. They will get stuck in the molasses and you can just through them away.

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