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Clean terracotta tiles

Submitted by Susan Southworth

Here is a clever way to clean your terracotta floor tiles. After grouting wash with vinegar, use also to wash all types of tiles.

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Keep terracotta looking clean Comments By: tammy on 2005-06-15
I like the tip of using vinegar. But I have a problem with keeping my tiles looking clean all the time!
Is there a polish or sealant that can help keep the tiles looking clean all the time, and yet is non slip? Thanks.

TipKing says: You would have to use some type of varnish, sealant. Can be a problem when that deteriorates, hard to get off.

My dog pees on balcony tiles Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-10
My little dog pees on balcony,sometimes her little paws get wet on the pad she uses and that will stain the tiles. You can see the imprint of her paws all over the balcony. Would vinegar remove the problem or ruin the tiles. They are red outside tiles. Please help!
cleaning Comments By: shanaz sulaman on 2010-08-13
how can iclean terrocotta floor tiles,they have previously been painted over,but i have managed to clean this off.They still look drab!!

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