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Clean your iron hot plate

I have never known how to clean the base of the iron, I must admit it has always been easier to buy a new iron. That is until I heard this tip to clean a scorched iron plate.

Heat equal parts vinegar and salt in a small pan. Rub solution on the cooled iron surface to remove dark or burned stains. Cleans up a treat.

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still dirty Comments By: anon on 2005-01-25
I tried this tip on my iron which has some burn spots from starch and it didn't work at all. Not worth the smell of vinegar!
Need to use it with a scouring pad Comments By: S.M. on 2005-07-15
so so. It did not work until I used it with a scouring pad.
didn't work for me Comments By: Rita Ridgway on 2006-01-18
I lost my job and am ironing for public and can't afford commerical cleaner and tried this DID NOT WORK for me. If you read this and know a good home remedy please email [email protected] Thanks
Trea t yourself to a new iron Comments By: Anon on 2006-03-09
Yep, everyone is right. Didn't do it for me either. Only thing it did do was make my kitchen pong.
a bummer! Comments By: Carol on 2006-06-17
tried your suggestion and the scorched area did not budge. Had to disgard the iron
Ways to make it work Comments By: Virignia on 2006-08-12
Well, its not helpful if it doesn't work. I used a Mr. Clean magic cleaner dipped in the vinegar and salt solution. That cleaned it up to almost like new.
Didn't work Comments By: Sara on 2006-12-28
Tried it on the iron and absolutely none of the stain came off.
This Works! Comments By: Joy on 2007-01-25
I used a Mr. Clean Magic Cleaner with NO VINEGAR and NO SALT and my iron looks like new!
cleaning the sole plate Comments By: ruth on 2007-08-14
use Oven cleaner, the spray on kind works just fine
and the iron is fine afterwards

One large cod Comments By: Nina on 2007-10-07
Didn't work but made my kitchen smell like a fish and chip shop!

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