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Clean pine sap, tar or pitch

Pine pitch, tar or sap is really horrid. It clings to your skin. So if you have been chopping your trees, handling pine logs or somehow managed to get tar on you then head for the larder for a Tipking solution

See if you can find one of the following

  • Bacon grease
  • Mayonnaise
  • Lard
  • Witch Hazel
All of these are harmless to skin, paint and hair. Just rub it on, and off comes the sap. Then simply eash away the fatty residue with soapy water

Visitors comments

Great tip Comments By: Gene on 2005-12-31
Had to cut and chip some pine trees after a storm.
My hands were covered with pine sap and both the mayonnaise and bacon grease worked VERY well. Thanks for the tip.

Works for me..... Comments By: Kenny R. on 2006-10-23
Detroit, Mich.

Bring out the Hellman's and bring out the best!! Comments By: Barbara on 2007-07-15
My husband uses his Land Rover for business which takes him into the deep woods at times. He picked up some pine tree sap in several places. I tend to be a home remedy person and immediately looked up on the internet for something friendly to use. There it was, your suggestion for mayonnaise. It worked fabulously!!
Mineral oil also duz the trick Comments By: Bill on 2007-10-08
At first I tried regular canola cooking oil, followed by soapy water. But that didn't work, so tried plain mineral oil on paper towels. Worked fine
Pine Sap and the Irish Setter Comments By: JD on 2010-03-28
We just cut a pine tree down and our Irish Setter laid in the sap and wood chips and was a total mess. Used mayo on him and it did a fantastic job of getting the sap out. Great tip, great site!

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