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Pet bird Flypaper Horror....

Submitted by Wayne

My pet lovebird flew into a strip of flypaper, and in his desperate attempts to free himself, only succeeded in pulling it down onto himself and getting completely snared.Removing the paper as gingerly as I could was time consuming, and he still lost many feathers in the process.

The bigger problem, though, was removing the rosin rubber residue from him. As he attempted to bite or pull it away, he only succeeded in getting stuck several times, and ingesting some of the noxious stuff.

Mineral or baby oil proved to be key in removing the bulk of the residue, and left such a light remnant that he was then able to clean himself without fear of suffocation.

The oil also helped to get it off my hands, which was a futile chore before hitting on this idea. Peanut butter also seemed like an option, but that would have been gooier still.

Visitors comments

It worked!! Comments By: song on 2004-10-01
Thank you so much for this tip!! My 4 year old daughter got it in her hair and the baby oil worked like a charm. Like you said, came off my hands easier too. I was so afraid I would have to chop off her gorgeous hair. What a relief!!
safer Comments By: Ketta on 2007-02-20
mineral oil is toxic and should not be ingested. Olive oil would be a much safer solution for the birds or any other animals that will preen themself

Thanks So Much Comments By: Danielle on 2008-07-21
My 2 year old daughter got a flystrip stuck in her hair. I removed the flystrip but the sticky goo was left! She has naturally curly hair with perfect little ringlets. I don't kow what I would have done if it wasn't for your lovebirds misshap. Thankyou soooo much!
Olive oil on a barn swallow Comments By: Pam on 2011-05-11
I used olive oil to get flypaper glue off a barn swallow. It worked very well. I've taken down the flypaper, too.

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