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Gas / Petrol. Remove the smell of gas from clothing

Gas also known as gasoline, petrol, petroleum. To remove the smell from your clothing pour a cup of vinegar into the wash cycle. It will remove the smell.

Other ways to remove odours from clothing is to soak in a solution of vinegar and water over night. Then wash as normal. Also you can soak in a solution of 1 cup of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and a gallon of water.

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gas smells from clothing Comments By: annie on 2005-05-07
thanks-helped me save my fav pair of jeans
does not work on disel Comments By: ray on 2008-12-23
I was told about this trick, my problem is though I work for a fuel transport company and gotten disel on my clothes. It does get rid of some of the smell but can't seem to get it all. Had to throw everything away that had been washed with the jeans. That was my bad of course.
disel smell on clothesd Comments By: k on 2009-11-28
vinegar does not work to remove smell,tried it already. someone told me to use a can of coke so do you open it and pour it in or do you just put the can in unopened? anyone know

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