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Stop your home smelling of your dog

Dogs can have quite an odor that as owners we do not always smell. As soon as visitors come to our house they can be hit by the odour of our furry friend.

To help combat this aroma and improve your pets coat have a go at the following. When bathing your dog add a couple of cups of vinegar vinegar solution to the final rinse. This helps to reduce the doggy smell and makes the coat gleam. The same applies to the bedding. A cup of vinegar in the final rinse, then when bedding is dry, sprinkle with Bicarbonate of Soda ( Baking Soda). Vinegar and baking soda actually absorb odours.

Another tip to neutralize smells on your pet by washing them in tomatoe juice, this can be expensive for the large dog, but well worth the price compared to the smell!

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