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Microwaves. Fresh smelling microwave oven

To freshen up and dispel any lingering smells in your microwave, put a bowl; half filled with water in the microwave with 3 or 4 slices of lemon in it. Cook on full power for ONLY 30 seconds (See waning below).

Another way to cut down on the smells that are created by cooking such things as bacon in your microwave is window cleaner. Spray the inside of the oven with a window cleaner that contains ammonia. Then wipe clean. The ammonia in the cleaner will prevent smells

Microwaves can harbor odors between uses, which can change the smell of foods subsequently cooked in them. Keep a cup of baking soda in the microwave between uses to keep potatoes from smelling like bacon or other unusual combinations!

Warning: It is important not to heat fluids in your microwave for long periods as they can become super heated, this can cause an irruption within the fluid even after the vessel has been removed from the microwave. This irruption can send scolding super heated fluid in your direction.


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FRESH SMELLLING MICROWAVE Comments By: Suzie on 2006-12-28
Excellent way to freshen. I always use lemon and water.
it worked!! Comments By: Mike on 2007-08-06
I love Tipking, I always find a solution here! One of my kids put a microwave Chinese noodle dish in the mw w/out adding water to it then went to play a video game while it cooked... kidz ;-((((
After the kitchen filled with smoke he finally came out to check, of course the noodles were scorched and since then whenever we ran the mw it had a burnt smell. I used a small bowl of water and 4 squirts of the lemon juice that comes in a lemon shaped container on hi 30 secs then spayed the inside of mw with amonia windex and the odor is gone. Thanks for posting the great tip!! Mike


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