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Hands. Remove smell from hands

If you have been cutting onion, fish or garlic then you will find that your hands really have quite a nasty odour to them. Well you may have seen the expensive stainless steel bars which are sold to rid your hands of pungent smells you pick up while cooking. An inexpensive but equally effective substitute is to simply rub your hands over a stainless steel utensil under running water. This really does work especially well for the odor of garlic, onions or fish.

You can also wet your hands, rub soap into them and then rub the tap / faucet. Then rinse with water. This will work the same as above but this way you get a clean taps / faucets.

Below are more ways to remove smells from your hands.

  • After cutting up onions or garlic is to rub moistened salt into your hands, then rinse with warm water and soap.

  • Sprinkle baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) on your hands and rinse with cold water. Smell gone...

  • If you rinse your hands with a little milk after washing them, that too will remove the smell of onions.

  • To remove the smell of onion and garlic from your hands while you are cooking. Rub your hands with the cut surface of a lemon, or a slice of lemon and then rinse hands with cold water.  Gets rid of the smell and leaves a nice lemony scent.

  • Also rubbing your hands with potato peelings will remove the smell of onions from your hands.

  • Rubbing the cut end of a piece of celery over your hands will get rid of those nasty onion smells that are often left on your skin.

Visitors comments

One more tip Comments By: Annie on 2006-04-28
What I do to get rid of onion and garlic smell from my hands is to just let cold water fun through my hands (no rubbing them) and smell is gone!! It works
i agree Comments By: mary on 2007-01-09
yes if you wash your hands with cold water and soap the strong garlic smell goes away, it works for me every time, when using hot water it opens the pores in your hands and allows the strong smell to soak in, the cold water stops this, like when washing hair, you use hot to wash it and rinse, and then add conditioner then cold water to rinse as this lets the contitioner work and your hair will be soft and shiny every time x x x

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