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Kitchen drains. Smelly kitchen drain?

If you a nasty odour coming from your sink in the kitchen it will undoubtedly be your drain needing a freshen up. Instead of filling the sewers with expensive commercial products simply pour a cup of vinegar down the plug hole. Let stand for 30 minutes and then flush with cold water. It will deodorize it a treat. If you repeat this process every week the odor should not return.

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Smelly drain Comments By: Maureen Harrison on 2006-08-16
I have rtied everything to get rid of the smell from my kitchen sink drain. Including drano which i thought would eat at anything living in there, however nothing has worked.The smell is not rancid,but it does smell like potato peels and that ofcourse is not a nice smell either.

TipKing says: You may need to call out a drain specialist if the smell becomes too bad.

Smelly kitchen drain Comments By: clemy on 2007-01-12
I have tried pouring vinger down my sink to get rid of the nasty smell. but it hasn't worked yet. I have done this for 4 weeks now. Do you have any other suggestions?
Smelly Kitchen Comments By: Mike Tarinelli on 2007-02-21
I know this sounds strange, but believe it or not heated urine actually stops a smelly kitchen drain. If you heat urine in a throw away container in the microwave and pour it slowly down the drain the smell will actually go away. It is the chemicals and acids in the urine that will neutralize common odors found in drains. If you do a Google search under my name and smelly kitchen drain you will see a number of other references and materials on this topic. Hope this helps!
Fixes from your own kitchen Comments By: Angela on 2007-07-27
In my apartment, our kitchen drain tends to smell from time to time. Very unpleasant when you are trying to enjoy cooking a meal and it smells rotten in the room! Anyway, I discovered something that works:

Pour some coarse salt down the drain (both sides of the basin if you have 2) and wait about 5-10 minutes. I used Sea Salt but i think coarse Kosher would work fine too. Then, add several tablespoons of baking soda to each drain and wait about 10 more minutes. Add about 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice to each drain and wait a few minutes as well. After all of this, rinse out the drains with very hot water and the smell should be gone!

I would not consider this a cure-all, however, it is cheap, the products are already in the kitchen, and it is effective. Hope it works for everyone else!

Baking soda and vinegar Comments By: Martina on 2009-07-17
Just pour baking soda in and then pour vinegar on that it foams and cleanses at the same time to eat away any smelly stuff.
Heating Urine and putting it down the drain Comments By: Louis Stevens on 2011-02-17
The suggestion around heating urnine and pouring it down the drain was fantastic.
It totally eliminated the odors entirely.The suggetsion by Michael Tarinelli was fantastic

The urine actually neutralized the odor Comments By: Stephanie Huggins on 2011-03-24
I cant believe it but it worked.
I heated the urine in a microwave and poured it down my smelly basement sink and - presto! - it was disappeared within 30 minutes. Michael Tarinelli you are a genious

strange but true Comments By: fizzbomb on 2011-06-03
I was very sceptical about using Michael's
remedy as the thought of pouring urine down my kitchen sink is kinda gross, however as i have used everything from vinegar, cleaning solutions etc to get rid of the unpleasant smells (all to no avail) i had to try this, so, it was heated up, poured down the sink, left overnight and i have to say IT'S WORKED!!
No more smells AT ALL ....
To everyone out there save your pennies, just go organic!!!!
Thanks Mike


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