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Onions. Eliminate onion odor

Oh the tears that onions can cause, well have a go at this next time you tackle the smelly little bulbs. Eliminate the onion odor by rubbing your fingers with vinegar before and after slicing. Read on for more ideas for preventing those tears.

You can also prevent tears when peeling or slicing onions if you first place the onions in the freezer for four or five minutes.

To prevent onions from tearing up your eyes, you can either light a candle near you or wash the onions when you cut them.

Another method is to freeze the onion for 5 minutes before slicing. It will reduce the tears.

When cutting or chopping onions where a pair of safety googles. These are easy to find and cheap too - this keeps the onion juice from affecting your eyes!

Rinse the onion off in water before you start slicing this will get rid of some juices.

To get the smell of onions off of your counter or your hands, rubs them with baking soda and a water paste.

When you are going to be chopping or dicing onions, be sure to rinse the onion before you start cutting, this helps to keep your crying to a minimum.

The following was sent in by Janice

To avoid tears while cutting onions cut the root end first. The sulfur is greater there. Rinse under cool tap water for a second. This really reduces the fumes.

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Less tears cutting onions Comments By: Freda on 2005-07-17
Breathe through your mouth while cutting the onions. Cut them away from the body and not directly over them.

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