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Mirrors. Cure for steamed up mirrors and windows

Do you have problems with steamed mirrors? Stop your mirrors and windows from steaming up with condensation and see yourself clearly! Too good to be true?

First of all you can cut down on the amount of condensation in your bathroom by running some cold water into your bathtub before you add the hot water. No more fog.

Clean the mirrors or windows with shaving cream foam. Make sure it is a aerosol type with menthol shaving cream to work correctly. Spray a little onto a clean cloth and rub into the glass. Wipe dry with a cloth and you have no more steam on the glass. Give it a try this really does work!


To keep steam away just wipe some soap on the glass or mirror or try some dishwashing liquid and the steam will not collect on your mirror.

Keep steam from forming on your windows by rubbing them with glycerin. A great mixture to use is one cup of glycerin to two cups of water and put this mixture in a spray bottle for continued usage through out your home.

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