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Mirrors. Clean and fresh mirrors

Use air-freshener to clean mirrors: It does a good job and better still, leave a lovely smell to the shine.

You can use shaving cream to clean a mirror by spreading it all over the mirror and then wiping clean. This keeps your mirror from fogging for the next few showers!

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need advice Comments By: Connie on 2004-08-31
My wall to wall mirror has white streaks. How can I clean it? What will get the streaks off?

cleaning marble tiles Comments By: Bhushan GAnjoo on 2006-06-16
The Marble tiles in my balcony have got mud / brown stains due to water from flower pots , how do i remove these stains

Tipking says: There are a lot f tips on the site for cleaning marble. Use the search button on the site

Great! Comments By: Krystal on 2007-01-05
Tried the shaving cream on mirror. At first I thought it wouldn't work, but to my surprise.. worked awesome!! Totally recommend this tip.. although, how did the person who figured it out.. actually come to this conclusion? lol

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